Drinks at Thai Silk? Yes Please!

Bars have an unfortunate habit of being fairly samey – same old cocktails, same old theme, same old bar snacks. Thai Silk, on the other hand, offers a unique experience – a bar attached to the restaurant of the same name, which offers a range of gorgeous drinks, plus some fab Asian light bites too!

Thai Silk 27The bar and restaurant are set in a great location, very close to London Waterloo and just a couple of minutes from Southwark Underground station. The whole area has a fantastic, buzzing vibe and was rammed with people when I visited, making this an easy recommendation for anyone who wants somewhere cool to have drinks after work.


I always gravitate to the cocktail menu, and there were some great alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, including the gorgeous Silk Berry (fresh strawberry, raspberry, lime, passion fruit and lemonade) and the Silk Royale (Bacardi, fresh lime, cranberry juice) – both highly recommended. There are also short, shot style cocktails, and champagne based ones, as well as some great special offers throughout the week.


One of the main draws for me, though was the intriguing Thai tapas bar snacks you can order, including the street food menu which includes Thai sausages, crispy dried pork or beef, beef salad and more.

Prawn dumpling Dim Sum bar snacks at Thai Silk

You can also choose the Thai Silk Platter (which serves two) and contains chicken satay, Thai fish cake, crispy noodles, butterfly wontons, stuffed chicken wings and vegetarian spring rolls. There are even a range of dim sum, including prawn and chive dumplings! Calamari is on offer, as are samosa bites – and if you’re not feeling adventurous, you could just stick with the Thai Silk fries, which are dusted with a spicy seasoning and served with ketchup and mayonnaise.


Another great thing about Thai Silk is that it’s also a karaoke venue! I adore karaoke – I’ve even done a pilgrimage to the bar in Lost in Translation (Karaoke-kan in Shibuya – and of course, we visited the New York Bar in the Park Hyatt as well…) and celebrated my hen party with a session (after afternoon tea at The Ritz, naturally…). So I’m itching to make my next visit to Thai Silk and spend time in one of the two private karaoke rooms, where they have over 100,000 songs, in English, Thai and Chinese. You can even have food served there, which makes it a fantastic venue for parties!

Thai Silk 3

Check out Thai Silk yourself at www.thai-silk.co.uk. The bar and restaurant are located at 94-95 Isabella Street, Southwark, London, SE1 8DA.

Spring roll bar snacks at Thai Silk

Photography, food, and drinks were provided for the purposes of this review. My opinions, as ever, are my own.


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