September: A Few Of My Favourite Things!

It’s been a busy month here – as always – but I’m so glad it’s finally autumn! I feel like I’m coming home when the leaves start to turn and the air gets crisp.

I recently went to Pickwell Farm with my family to grab some late-season strawberries, early pumpkins, and sweetcorn. I hadn’t ever picked corn before but it was great fun – my best tip is to peel back some of the outer leaves just to check the cob first, because some of the ones we picked were rotten or overripened. You can leave the leaves on to keep the corn fresher for longer in the fridge!

The strawberries were still excellent and it was really hard not to fill the punnets to the brim – hand-picked are the best!

Speaking of the best, I was recently sent a whole load of Corkers Crisps to try and I have to rave about the Duck and Hoisin flavour! I’m not usually a fan of ‘weird’ crisp flavours and ready salted is always my go to. But these blew me out of the water, because they really do taste like hoisin sauce! I love the punchy, deeply savoury flavour of duck and hoisin, and this crisp captures it like I never thought was possible… 10/10!

I also really loved the salted and sweet and salty popcorn flavours too – the perfect thing to chomp down on at the movies… Who needs a bucket of mediocre popcorn and a bloated stomach when you can have perfectly proportioned and delicious popcorn in a bag?!

I also had another delivery from the gin subscription plan I signed up to (and forgot about…). Flavourly send you three small bottles of gin on a three-month, two-month or one-monthly basis, along with some other treats like tonics and snacks. I loved the Manchester Gin this month!

In other news, my monthly dose of chic has now become my three-weekly dose as I’ve upped the frequency of my Bloom-on bouquets. I can’t help it, I’m obsessed! Look at this gorgeous dahlia and tell me it’s not adorable! You can get your own with a free vase by using my link here.

I also haven’t had a chance to try them yet, but I got a couple of Fit Beers in the post – 66 calories and low alcohol content makes this great if you’re trying to cut down… I’m going to test these on some beer loving guinea pigs soon!

And, finally, I’ll leave you with this handy pasta infographic from Jamie’s Italian – a guide to different types of pasta and where they come from! Which one is your favourite? (This infographic is courtesy of Jamie’s Italian Norwich.)


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