Royal Wedding Watching Party

Did you all watch the royal wedding at the weekend? When William and Kate got married we had a great party you can read about here, so I thought we’d do the same for Meghan and Harry!

Last time we had a very British tea party with lots of traditional touches, but I wanted to give a nod to Meghan’s California roots and her love of healthy eating, so as well as potato salad, ham and finger sandwiches, we added a few extra dishes!

I made a tasty tomato salad from a variety of different sizes of tomato, and dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I also added in some basil and mozzarella to make it caprese style!

Not pictured, but I also made some wild garlic frittatas from the wild garlic plants in our local woods. One of the things I knew about the royal menu in advance was that it focused on seasonal and local produce, so I’m sure these mini bites would have been at home as a canapé for the feast!

I also wanted a tangy, fresh coleslaw to go with everything. I was going to use a recipe but I couldn’t find anything similar to what I wanted, so I just winged it! Finely sliced red cabbage with grated carrot and Granny Smith apples, dressed with a lemon and mustard vinaigrette. Why make things complicated?

Another Meghan touch – I read many times that she is trying to encourage Harry into eating healthier, so I thought maybe she could have introduced him to avocado toast…? The things that go through your head, right?! Anyway, to make these into canapes, I bought some mini seeded baguettes, sliced and toasted them, then topped the mashed avocado with flakes of hot smoked salmon. Not only does the contrast between the pink and green look great, but it also tastes amazing. Here’s a note – I had seven avocados knocking around the fridge that I bought weeks ago, and NONE of them were properly, buttery smooth ripe. Luckily they mashed fine and tasted great, but blimey…

One thing I knew would be served at the wedding was asparagus. Not only is it right in season, but I’d seen the chefs peeling the spears in a few TV segments about the food. So I decided to make a simple chargrilled asparagus dish with a lemon vinaigrette. This was one of my favourites! Plus, you can serve it hot or cold, which makes it a really versatile spring dish.

Finally, you can’t beat Nigella’s gin and tonic jelly for a great addition to a spring-summer buffet. It looks very impressive and it tastes great – this is my second time making it and I love it!

We also made an elderflower and lemon cake (which my mum saved with some icing after mine didn’t come out properly AT ALL), plus a gorgeous trifle my mum made which I managed to get no photos of at all!

If you want to see some of the inspiration for the food, head to my Pinterest board here. How did you celebrate?

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