Protect Your Joints: LQ Liquid Health Jointcare

You probably take your body for granted until you get that first twinge after exercise, or that niggling pain, or that ache a few days after you pushed yourself really hard during a session. Truth is, your body does what it’s supposed to – until it doesn’t! I had an experience like this last year when I sprained my ankle really badly training for the London Marathon. It still hasn’t healed, and no, I didn’t get to compete. I’ve deferred until next year, which gives me even more time to get ready.

Of course, I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on my physical wellbeing since then – laying with your foot in the air when you’d rather be out running is no fun at all. So when I was asked to try out these LQ Liquid Health Supplements, I jumped at the chance to nourish my body with active ingredients that would support my recovery.

The older you get, the less you take the miracle that is your body for granted. Taking supplements, eating right, and making sure you exercise are easy ways to reward your body for what you hope will be a lifetime of good service!

I love these little vials – they taste delicious in a very unique, medicinal way (seriously, I love them – if you’ve tried them, let me know what you think!), and they are packed full of ingredients that contribute to the maintenance of your joints. If you’re a beauty buff, one of the key ingredients may be jumping out at you: collagen. Not only does the Peptan collagen in these vials help your joints, but also your bones, tendons, cartilage and skin! (The company also has specific products for skin, hair and nails, plus a digestive care product.) There’s also glucosamine, which is used to renew cartilage and other body tissues; copper, which is involved in the formation of elastin and collagen; ginger, to support your body’s defence and immune system, and vitamin C, which can protect cells from oxidative stress, and contribute to the formation of collagen. Phew! It takes longer to write it than it does to chug one of these babies, that’s for sure.

I know loads of fitness buffs like me get concerned about the toll that exercising can have on the joints – especially when you hear scare stories put about by couch potatoes about runners ruining their knees, and so on – so it’s a good idea to take supplements to enhance your body’s ability to repair damage, and promote your flexibility and mobility.

At £24.99, these boxes aren’t cheap, but I am loving them so far and hoping that taking these supplements will aid in my swift recovery! (Well, it’s been six months, so maybe not so swift…). You can find them on sale at Boots, and there’s a money-saving 90 day option available for £144.95.

Products were provided to me for the purposes of review. Opinions and photography are my own.

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