Charlotte Tilbury Stars-In-Your-Eyes Palette

I’m a massive fan of Charlotte Tilbury, particularly her eyeshadow palettes – and the words ‘limited edition’ always have me clicking on the checkout button so fast I’m sure I look like a woman possessed. Last year I bought the Instant Eye Palette as soon as it launched, which was a gorgeous array of nudes, browns, peaches and silvers which you could use to create looks called Day Eye, Desk Eye, Date Eye, and Disco Eye.

This year, Charlotte is back with a new limited edition palette called Stars-In Your-Eyes, priced at £60 for four looks which each have three colours; one to prime, one to enhance, and one to smoke. Price-wise, you’re getting 12 eyeshadows here for £60 compared to her usual four pan palettes which are priced £39 – although the weight is more for each colour in the smaller palette, you’re getting a lot more colour for your money with this larger palette. The palette itself is also a dark glittery red – I preferred the gold last year, but the glitter effect is gorgeous!

But obviously none of that matters if you the quality is poor or you don’t like the colours! The staying power of these is amazing – the rich, pigments slide on and stay in place for hours, and the formula is buttery smooth. Full marks there.

Some might find some of the looks to be a bit bold or daring. I’ve never had a problem with that – The Dolce Vita is one of my favourite palettes, and I love the fact there are some real dazzlers in here. I’m disappointed that the range of looks you can create from this palette aren’t on the site – one of the things I love about CT is that there are always a range of models with different skintones modelling the looks so you can see what they look like. But that’s my only real complaint with this launch.

So, the looks: these are a little more abstract than the first palette. The first, Love Eyes, has been designed for date nights and weddings, and is a gorgeous trio of rose-gold shades. The romance is unbearable – can you hear that beating heart? It’s yours – you look amazing – congratulations. Power Eyes is perfect for intimidating people at work with your bold metallic golden eyeshadow – try this at your next meeting and you probably won’t even have to take minutes. Happy Eyes is a dark rosey metallic with a pair of terracotta browns that is sure to transport your face to sunkissed beaches, tropical holidays and golden sun, while your body is stuck at home watching Netflix. Maybe. And finally, Confident Eyes is all. about. burgundy. The purpley reds symbolise “fire, heat and purity” which mean that you should wear this sparingly just in case you are mistaken for some kind of elemental goddess and worshipped as such when you’re just trying to buy milk from Tesco.

As of writing, the Stars-In-Your-Eyes palette is still available to purchase – but be quick if you want to scoop it up, as it’s sure to sell out soon!

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