Halloween: 17 days to go…

I’m getting so excited about Halloween! Is anyone else planning a party to celebrate the spookiest night of the year? I’d love to hear your plans – what are you going to cook? What are you going to wear?! Leave a comment and let me know… I’m dying of curiosity!

You might notice that, in the spirit of the event, I’ve added a handy new link to your left, which when clicked, will lead you to all my posts with the category ‘Halloween’, so if you want to find the Halloween marshmallow recipe, my pumpkin fondant tutorial or anything else to do with Halloween, you know where to find it! Throughout the year I’ll be changing this to reflect the seasons, the holidays, and my latest obsessions!

Purple buttercream and stars

This year, my menu is nowhere near organised… but I do know what my costume will be. Thanks to a quick shop in Primark, I will be an ’80s zombie, complete with acid yellow dress, purple tights, orange legwarmers and a heck of a lot of purple accessories. I am perfecting my moaning noises every morning whilst getting up, I assure you! And I have a magic lipstick that looks green but turns pink when you put it on. Now, how scary is that?

Pst – I’m totally honoured to have been featured in Indie Fixx’sHalloween Tutes from Around The Interwebs‘ – in the same list as Martha Stewart, no less! Watch out, Mazza…

6 thoughts on “Halloween: 17 days to go…

  1. bluestocking says:

    I’d say that I’m just here for the chicken, but I really love your sweets posts, too! What a pretty cupcake. Congratulations on the Indie Fixx listing. And now please excuse me, I’m off to check out your bento boxes and holiday stuff.


  2. distractedgourmet says:

    Wow, I really didn’t think anyone was reading my chicken posts! Thanks for letting me know – I’m glad you’re enjoying it!


  3. Diana Andrews says:

    Is it just me or is there no recipe on this page? I would really LOVE to know how to make these cupcakes and they are tagged under recipes but I just can’t find it if it is here. Help please! 😮


    • distractedgourmet says:

      Oops, I shouldn’t have tagged these under recipes, sorry! These are actually incredibly simple to make and you can use any base for cupcakes you like – I believe these were Peggy Porschen’s recipe for cupcakes, which uses sugar syrup to soak into the base. The main aspect of these cupcakes is the purple buttercream topping – again, you can use any buttercream recipe you want, and I think this is also a Peggy Porschen recipe. All you do to create this effect is dye the buttercream purple using a purple food colour paste, then pipe it onto the top of the cakes using a round, wide tipped icing nozzle. Of course, you can also scatter with these cute orange and black Halloween decorations too.


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