Weight loss progress!


One month down, and I’ve finished my 30 Day Sweat from Sweaty Betty! I combined this awesome program with a couple of weeks on Boossh, and also took up yoga and Parkruns! If you wanted to take part in the Sweaty Betty program but you missed it going ‘live’, you can still follow along whenever you like, as all the resources are still online. (Here are some of the great free online videos you can use!)


Doing the #SB30DaySweat got me back into running again – that, and the looming Brighton Color Run. One of my most exciting discoveries this month was the Parkrun, though. I actually signed up ages ago but never took part – partly because I wanted to debut with a time under 30 minutes. I soon realised that it’s not about who is the fastest, but that taking part really is the most important thing.


To explain a little more, Parkruns are weekly timed races in cities across the world, all completely free. There might even be one near you – visit the site to find out. You just sign up, print out your barcode (you can order plastic ones like mine very cheaply) and run. I can’t recommend them highly enough – every time I’ve gone I’ve met awesome, friendly people and there’s a huge sense of camaraderie that you really only get in group sporting activities like this.


I’ve also been supplementing too, with these raspberry ketone and green coffee fusion fat burners courtesy of www.slimmingsolutions.co.uk. I have to say, I used to be one of those people who thought dietary supplements were all hocus pocus, but the more you learn about health and nutrition, the more you realise that they really can benefit weight loss. There’s really no such thing as a magic diet pill, though – you have to do the diet and exercise part as well. Combined with this, fat burners can, in my experience, help improve your results – so much so that by the end of the month, I lost a total of 8lbs! I’m going to do a proper supplementing post later in the month, to let you know what I recommend!


My running partner, Pip, hasn’t lost a pound. You know why? She didn’t diet (in fact, what she does eat is frankly shocking) and she didn’t even supplement. Let that be a lesson to you!

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7 thoughts on “Weight loss progress!

  1. soph40 says:

    Hey! Congrats on your weight loss! You sure have a strong will! I’ve been looking at Parkrun website, very interesting indeed! unfortunately nothing the like down there. It is a great initiative though! There are some in Denmark so hopefully it will eventually come to us!


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