The Best Yoga Mat In The World: The Liforme Mat


I love yoga, but I gave it up for the longest time because I always had trouble slipping. No matter what I did, my palms would always slip. I tried various mats, but nothing ever worked, and then I gave up for years. Recently, thanks to a shoulder injury, I decided to take it up again in the hopes that some directed and thoughtful exercise would strengthen my joints.


After one lesson, I was back to my old dilemma – serious slippage. And, I was also told by my yoga teacher that my joints were hyperflexible, meaning that I easily overextend moves and find it difficult to arrange my limbs in the right position. I genuinely thought I was destined for a lifetime of difficult practice, until I researched and discovered the Liforme mat!


This mat has truly revolutionised my yoga practice. I never thought I’d gush so much over a mat, but it’s unbelievable how much easier yoga is now. I thought it would be impossible to find a truly non-slip mat – every one I researched until Liforme had mixed reviews from some people who just slipped no matter what. Hand on heart, this mat grips your palms like nothing else, and that troublesome downward dog is child’s play! The anti-slip texture on the Liforme mat is called GripForMe, and you can read more about it here.


Not only that, but the guidelines on the mat itself are completely invaluable, if like me, during a pose you start to wonder whether you’re actually in line or you’re just kidding yourself that your body is straight. These handy little markings help you line yourself up so intuitively you don’t need to second guess your alignment. This is called the AlignForMe System, and you can read more about it here.


The mat itself is beautiful and comes in pink or dark grey. As soon as I busted it out in yoga class it was the centre of attention – it’s a seriously pretty mat. And once I gave my verdict on its amazing grip I think more than a few ladies were convinced! It even comes in its own heavy duty carry bag, which is fantastic for storage. I cannot recommend this mat enough – it’s truly the Rolls-Royce of yoga mats – plus, it’s eco-friendly too!


Hot pink yoga mat, c/o Liforme

The Liforme mat comes in pink and grey, and retails for £100. You can purchase it directly from Liforme here (and you can even buy it via Net-A-Porter here). Huge thanks to Liforme for sending this product through for review – proof that no matter how sweaty a Betty you are, you can still do downward dog if you get the right mat!

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