A Sip of Summer: Round-Up

I’ve been very lucky to get some great summer tipples through the post recently, so I thought I’d share them with you in a round-up post about my favourite summer drinks right now!

First up is Gallo Family’s collection of Spritz, which now includes wild strawberry – my favourite of the collection, followed up by pineapple and passionfruit! They’re all delicious and make a great gift to bring to a party or BBQ, as you can have a glass or two with worrying about the alcohol content! (Although, I have to say, wild strawberry does pack a punch and has double the number of units than the others, so always read the label first!)

Wine Spritzers are great summer drinks, and just like sangria, you can make you own, or buy it ready made for a minimum of fuss. To make your own spritzer, mix 125ml of your chosen wine with 60ml of club soda, and add a garnish and ice cubes.

Each Gallo Family Spritz couples a different wine variety with flavourings to produce their blends. Raspberry and lime and peach and nectarine is mixed with grenache rose, pineapple and passionfruit with pinot grigio, and wild strawberry is mixed with white zinfandel.

You can pick these up from supermarkets and off liscences now, priced around £4.99 per bottle.

Onto a darker drink – but one that’s perfect, in my opinion, for sipping down while watching an episode of Game of Thrones…

Cersei may have knocked her drinking on the head now she has other things to worry about, but with all this death and destruction you might want to dull your nerves with a glass or two of red. Not only does this have a great name (Talisman Bull’s Blood!), but it also gives off a bit of a Viking-vibe – perfect when you’re watching Euron lay the smack down on behalf of the Iron Islands. According to legend, this wine dates back to 1552 in Hungary, and is said to bring magical powers that bestow good luck on the battle field… Pour me another, thanks…

And if you want to serve it in true Game of Thrones style, I heartily recommend these Pokal glasses from Ikea! More Ikea glasses that would be perfect for the job include the Flimra glasses here, or this plainer style here. (Another style note – these arrow picks are from West Elm, here (US) and here (UK), and my copper and marble bar tools set is from Oliver Bonas here (US), and here (UK).)

Raise a glass to the Queen of Thorns with a glass of Talisman Bull’s Blood – it’s a really rich and intense wine, priced at £6 from Tesco. If you like meaty red wines with a hint of autumnal, spicy pepper, this is for you – and it’s perfect for serving with a cheese board too… If you want some more ideas for hosting a Game of Thrones party, check out my post here.

These products were supplied to me for the purposes of review. Words, photos and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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