Office Makeover: The Final Reveal!

Office Makeover So, it’s time for the final reveal of my office! I’ve hated the home office I’ve worked in ever since we moved in – peach walls, beige carpet, blonde wood bookcases, a bright purple desk (thanks teenage me!), a black fabric office chair… Nothing matched, it was always messy, and we didn’t use the space properly. Plus, I hate carpets and I couldn’t wait to rip everything up and replace it with fresh, clean laminate! (Style note: Charlotte Olympia kitty flats here.)

Office Makeover

I knew I wanted white everything – no one else was convinced, but I didn’t care. (They’ve since told me they love it, but I knew they would!). That meant white paint for the walls, white laminate for the floor, and white wardrobes along one wall from IKEA. The flooring is called Barranco, from B&Q, and is still available here.

Office Makeover

I also knew I wanted a new lampshade, so when I found this IKEA light on sale for Family Card holders, I jumped on it immediately! It has a bronze interior which gives the room a gorgeous, soft pink glow at night.


The next part was sorting out my shelves. Once I organised everything I realised I could chuck at least half of it away (and if you need help with this, I can’t recommend Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying enough! Buy it here.) This meant I could downsize my storage and just have three shelves (with IKEA brackets I spray-painted gold), plus an Alex chest of drawers underneath to hide my huge (necessary) magazine collection (of magazines I edit… over 200 individual issues now!)

Office 4

I also colour-coded my books, mostly because I realised pretty quickly they were all either pink or orange, green and yellow, but partly because it just looks nice! (I bought this Hello sign from West Elm – they have loads of gorgeous similar ones here!)

Office Makeover

I also framed my essential year planner (especially handy when you have a lot of deadlines and events you need to keep track of) in a frame from IKEA. I buy a new planner from Cumulo Design on Etsy every year, and they sell out really fast! Placing it inside a frame with a plastic front means I can write all over it in marker and then just clean it off with no marks.

Office Makeover

In true blogger form, I like to keep plenty of ornaments, candles and other props for photos hanging around – like this limited edition Diptyque candle from Valentine’s a few years ago. (If you don’t have at least one Diptyque candle, are you even really a blogger?) I bought this gorgeous stag head from Selfridges a while ago, in the Christmas sale, but I display him all year round! Rebel!

Office 3

I mentioned recently that I love butler’s tray tables, and this Maryd one from IKEA is one of my favourite purchases. At the moment, it’s hosting a mini bar (see here), but it’s so versatile I might need to buy another one! It’s great because when you don’t need it, you can fold it down and store it away somewhere else.

Office 2

This gorgeous bunch of peonies brings me to another aspect of decor that makes my office a great place to work every day – flowers! I already wrote about my addiction to Bloomon here, and I still get deliveries as often as I can! (Use this link and you can get a free vase with your first order – so worth it, because these bouquets look their best in the Bloomon ones!).

Office Makeover

Of course, you don’t need to spend a lot or know much about flowers to have a great display. My top tips are for the flower novice are: don’t mix up colours and flowers, just pick up a couple of bunches of the same flower and colour, and secondly, make sure you trim the bouquet to the right length and select an appropriate vase. You don’t need to spend loads on a vase – most of mine are actually jam jars or old One Cup sake glasses! My favourite tulip, hydrangea and peonie vase was leftover from my wedding displays and has great sentimental value.

Office Makeover

(Also, that tip about pushing a pin into the tops of a tulip stem, near the head, to stop it wilting? That actually works!)

Office Makeover

(Oh, and I had to replace my old printer with a white one, naturally! Get yours here.)

I also have some plants in my office, too – but they’re mostly cacti and succulents. They’re so easy to look after and they look great too, no shedding leaves or turning brown!

Office Makeover I love this tray of succulents I purchased from Bloom and Wild (called The Jamie) – they sit in a neat little tray, and they even come with a small mister spray you can keep on your desk, which I use to spray all my plants on a Monday morning!

Office Makeover

One thing I can’t stop buying is cute stationery for my desk – I always need more and I can’t ever resist buying it!

Office Makeover

One of the best places to get cute things is Tokyo… but if you don’t want to buy a flight just for some nice notepads, you should definitely go to Paperchase! And just think, all the money you saved on the plane ticket, you can spend on highlighters… (Yes, I go through A LOT of highlighters…)

Office 5

Here’s a secret: I actually have two computers – which means two monitors, two keyboards, two mouse mats, and two… mice? So I had to find two different gold and white mice for the desk – which I managed to do pretty easily!

Office Makeover

You can find the keyboard and mouse combo here, and the single white mouse with gold elements here, both from Amazon. I purchased my lovely jungle leaves mousemat from Etsy here, and another black and white polka dot mousemat here. Drinks coasters are from Kate Spade. (And are essential)

Office Makeover

I can’t spend too long at a desk without needing water, lip balm, or hand cream. I use this Joseph Joseph water bottle which has a hydration counting lid to track how much water you drink in a day – perfect! For lipbalm, I don’t think you can go wrong with Burt’s Bees – I have about seven of these on the go at any one time, including one permanently at my desk, in my bag, by the sofa, and by my bed! They’re so hydrating and the scents are gorgeous.

Office 1

The desk was the last item I purchased, and it took me a long time to decide. Eventually I impulse purchased a Hemnes desk from IKEA, as it was an ex-display and discounted! (Oh, and my lovely marble and brass lamp is from Next: floor version here.)

Office 6 EDIT

And of course, my pièce de résistance is my gorgeous chair from Wayfair! Read about it here, and purchase yours here. I’ve had mine for a couple of months now, and I love it – it’s comfy and the leather is holding up really well!

Office Makeover

I hope you enjoyed my office tour and I could share some inspiration with you. Let me know whether I’ve inspired you in the comments below – and I’d love to see your home interior ideas as well!

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