The 22-Day Revolution: Vegan Diet Day Twenty-Two

Fanfare! Applause! Fireworks! I’ve reached the final day on my 22-day vegan challenge! If you want to know more about this challenge and start with day zero, click here.

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I started the day with a Pop Eye  smoothie – minus the protein powder as I’ve not got any! This was delicious anyhow – one of my favourites! It was blended spinach, a frozen banana, and almond butter – I skipped the protein powder and half of the almond milk. This came to 248 calories.

Lunch was a repeat – raw courgette, carrot and cucumber salad. This time I used much less lemon juice and didn’t end up with a watery puddle at the bottom! It helps to add the lemon juice gradually and mix as you go, adding until you get a good consistency. This came to 282 calories, and the recipe served one.

Dinner was another repeat – beluga lentil salad at 340 calories. I enjoyed this the first time I had it, but I have to say I was in a bit of a mood by the time I came to eat it! I’d just finished my deadline and usually have a treat meal to reward myself – as nice as this is, I still felt a little bit deprived! Oh well!

So, on my final day, it’s time for one last weigh-in! Over the 22 days on this plan, I lost a grand total of 12lbs. Very good going! I didn’t feel deprived or hungry, and I didn’t really miss meat or dairy (except for cheese!). I would definitely recommend this plan if you have weight to lose and the willpower to stick to it – I actually found it much easier to stick to the plan because it was so rigid, and I enjoyed having the daily meals planned out complete with recipes. I can’t say I felt like I had more energy, though. But, I did feel healthier, and like I was feeding my body good things rather than just indulging in cravings.

My favourite recipes were the aubergine with pico de gallo, walnut tacos, Spanish beans over sweet potatoes, and artichoke, tomato and avocado salad. I also enjoyed the sweeter morning juices. I wasn’t too fussed on the lentil soup, quinoa salad with lentils, or the pizza. Honestly, there were so many really delicious recipes that I think I’ll be making a few as part of my normal repertoire – and I was even thinking of doing this plan again in parts sometime soon!

Have you tried the diet? Have I convinced you to give it a pop? Or do you think it would be too difficult to go vegan for 22 days? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! I’d definitely like to know what you think!

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